Sunday School for Children and Families

Celebrate Wonder is a spiritual formation and faith exploration experience for your children and your whole family.Celebrate Wonder is presented in themes that last 4-5 weeks, Each week includes a bible story with related “wonder” questions. The curriculum lends itself to a few minutes of inspiration, or to a deeper exploration of the faith ideas. Now is always a good time for your family to join!
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Sunday School for Adults

Christian ParentingRoom 208

Together we will build friendships, enrich your faith and knowledge, talk about ways to guide and teach your child, and nurture your parenting skills. We will start the year with  8 Simple Tools for Raising Great Kids by Dr. Todd Cartmell.  Topics will include practical tips for talking and listening to your child, powerful insights for teaching, influencing, encouraging and correcting your child, and helpful ways to navigate parenting challenges to strengthen your family relationships.  Contact: Jim & Judy Wilson (919-933-1646).
Christianity and LiteratureThe Chapel

Creative artists rekindle the human instinct of awe at the universe, help us look at our world and ourselves in new ways, illuminate and deepen our Christian understandings.

“In the beginning was the Word,” the Gospel of John declares.  And so in this class we continue to read, re-read, and discuss the words from many of the acclaimed fiction writers of our time.  Much of the fall 2019 semester will still have us studying God: Stories, ed. C. Michael Curtis.  Eight stories remain for our attention.

Music and the visual arts have regularly enhanced our class time.  In 2019-20, we anticipate increasing our emphasis on these arts.  Brent Wissick and Steve Squires, both trained musicians, will direct this effort.  But words also will never be far away from what they do.  The glories of creation—we will feel it.

All are welcome to the class, led by retired UNC English professor Joe Flora (919-942-4902).


Faith ConversationsRoom 206

Led by rotating members of the class, Faith Conversations reads and discusses a wide range of material on faith, society and life.  We invite all those who are interested in participating in thoughtful conversations to join us. Contacts: Michele Gipson or Manuel Wortman.


Faith Meets Life: Online

The Faith Meets Life class will be doing a series this fall by Adam Hamilton called Seeing Gray in a World of Black and White: Thoughts on Religion, Morality, and Politics. There will also be sessions periodically on current events. Class will resume on September 13, with weekly Sunday Zoom between 11 a.m. and noon. Interested? Contact Jim Booterbaugh to get added to the weekly Zoom invite list.

Hearts and Hands: Bride’s Room 

This intergenerational group of women focuses each Sunday on how to love God and love neighbors through the study of spiritual practices and theological reflection on living a Christian life. New participants are welcome. Contact: Mary Ann Kimball (919-929-2948).


The Omega Project: Online

The Omega Project Sunday School class is not meeting this fall. However, Christian Wilson, the class’s long term teacher is offering a blog for class members and any others who might be interested. The blog address is  christiansspirituality,blogspot.comThe blog comes out six days a week. The subjects are: Mondays—Christian’s Faith Journey, Tuesdays—Bible Study on Acts, Wednesdays—Theology, Thursdays—Prayer and Spirituality, Fridays—Any subject that has arisen during the week, Saturdays—Bible Study on Acts. The blog is interactive, with lots of room for reader’s comments and discussion.


Round Table: Online

Are you interested in making new friends and talking about faith? The Round Table class invites you to join their virtual gatherings on Sundays at 11 a.m. This class welcomes all who are interested in exploring how to be a Christian in modern society and the application of faith in their daily lives. Lively class participation is encouraged! Contact Jan for more information. 


Spark: Hyde Hall, Chairman’s Room

This class is a weekly book study and fellowship hour that meets to wrestle with the challenges of discipleship in our lives and in our community. This fall we’ll begin with Reality, Grief, Hope: Three Urgent Prophetic Tasks by Old Testament scholar Walter Brueggemann that (to quote the back cover) “shows how the prophetic biblical response to crisis was truth-telling in the face of ideology, grief in the face of denial, and hope in the face of despair.” It’s a book that seems powerfully relevant, and we’d love to share the experience of studying it with others in our church community. All are welcome to join us, and we emphasize that we maintain a strict policy of never caring whether or not you’re caught up on the readings. Contacts: Justin and Leah Travis.


Young Adults: 

The Young Adult class is continuing to meet on Zoom for Bible Study on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. This group is studying Exodus and expects this study will take them into Advent. For more information and the Zoom link contact Kaitlyn Brown Also check out the University UMC Chapel Hill Young Adults page on Facebook.