Loving God

Serving Others

Building Christian Community

Looking at the logo of University UMC, one may first recognize the church’s location within the townscape, in the heart of downtown Chapel Hill.  Our church is a crossroads for many people and community groups that utilize the facility.  As the viewer moves across the town, structures and buildings of significance take form.

The Old Well: One of UNC’s most treasured landmarks, the visual symbol of the University and a center of campus life.  A fundamental component of our history is the church’s mission to connect to students.

The Preschool: University United Methodist Preschool is an outreach mission of the church and located in the church’s Education Wing.  

Our Church: At the center, with its recognizable steeple, is our church.  Serving as both a bridge and a foundation to all who congregate within its walls.  The cross, as central to the church, incorporates colors from the townscape to draw everyone together.  One in the body of Christ.

The Town: The church’s location on Franklin Street puts us at the heart of downtown Chapel Hill and amongst town buildings.  

The Home: A segment of the whole picture is home. The place where gathering around a table first presents itself in our lives.  A part of our self-definition and where we go back to each day.

A townscape engaged in a set of exchanges; the parts have effect upon each other because they are part of a larger story.  A story centered at University UMC: Loving God, Serving Others, and Building Christian Community.