The purpose of the Helping Hands (HH) ministry is to help members of our church community who have needs that they cannot meet (or have difficulty meeting) and are not being met by others. 

Examples of HH tasks include the following:

  • Provide a meal or a couple of meals 

  • Drive the person to an appointment or appointments

  • Shop for groceries or run other errands

  • 1-2 hours of respite for a caregiver

  • Help with household tasks (e.g., changing light bulbs, moving boxes, raking, lawn mowing)

  • In-home visits – play cards or games or just chat  

  • Accompany the person on walks

  • Help with technology (e.g., accessing the internet, using e-mail),

Assistance with legal questions (e.g., power of attorney, advance directive)

If you would like help from a Helping Hands volunteer – or if you know someone who could use help, contact Jim Kocher or call the church office.