In 538 BC, Cyrus the Persian issued a decree that allowed the Israelites to return home, free from Babylonian captivity. However, there was not a mass exodus back to Israel, despite the urgings of the priests and the promises of the prophets. Some found they were more comfortable in Babylon. Others did return, and they were faced with a land very different from the one they left. This scenario sounds abundantly similar to the past few years for us. Many churches are taking steps into the new season we find ourselves in with trepidation.

Three years ago we asked you, “Will you grow?” not knowing the challenges the next two years would bring. Now we ask you to find your way back home.  Arise! Shine! is not our typical Generosity Campaign!  Join us, in person or online, on this four week journey beginning October 9, to discover what regathering and rebuilding look like for you and your family. Our hope is that University UMC can arise and shine the light of our Lord in our community and the world.