UUMP offers an environment that will encourage each child to develop his or her own unique talents and abilities and to grow interpersonal relationships and communication skills. This preschool setting encourages each child to develop a positive self-concept and provides varied opportunities to enjoy a predictable routine. Children develop a sense of security while learning about kindness, sharing, conflict resolution, self-expression and control, fine and gross motor skills, independence, perseverance, observation and exploration.

UUMP is an active member of the Durham Orange Preschool Association. All DOPA member preschools accept children regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality or religion. We each strive to provide a warm and caring environment that is welcoming to all families. While curriculum varies from school to school, all DOPA member schools emphasize the importance of social and emotional learning, as well as learning through exploration and play. We strive to provide an age appropriate balance between structure and play, while monitoring developmental goals and milestones. Learn more about DOPA here.