Stewardship at University UMC is the recognition that we are all receivers of the many gifts that God provides: time, talent, treasure, friendships, and natural resources. In appreciation to God, we take good care of what we have received and live simply so that others may simply live, and we give in gratitude for receiving so abundantly.

We invite University UMC to reflect and rejoice in God’s blessings as we renew our commitments to support ministries, missions, services, staff and facilities so that we can continue our mission of transforming lives by loving God, serving others, and building Christian community.

Frequently Asked Questions

University UMC is changing its accounting and budget year from a January 1 to December 31 calendar-year reporting period to a July 1 to June 30 fiscal year reporting period. This Bridge Giving Estimate will help BRIDGE the gap between the time our current calendar year reporting ends (December 31, 2018) and our new fiscal year reporting period begins (July 1, 2019).

By completing this form, you are expressing your intent and affirming your desire to continue to honor God with your resources. The congregation is encouraged to maintain or increase your giving during the BRIDGE period. Bridge Giving makes it possible for our church leadership to plan and fulfill our programs and ministries during the transition period.

For more than five years, members of the Stewardship Team, clergy and other University UMC members have expressed a desire to build a stewardship program that more faithfully represents our responsibility to manage our God-given resources. Stewardship is a discipline that includes more than financial giving. We are also called to offer our time, talent and witness.

In addition, we sought to create a giving model that would 1) be more flexible and present throughout the year, 2) create better, easier connections between church members and opportunities to give and serve.

To execute this vision for stewardship at University UMC, we are making changes to the way we collect pledges, which will now be called “Giving Estimates.”

You/your household will fill out a Giving Estimate, which will look a lot like a pledge card. Beginning Spring 19 you will have the option to become a Sustainer.

Yes! Please make a Bridge Giving Estimate this fall. With the change to a fiscal year, we would like for you to estimate your giving for the next six months, but we hope you will also consider becoming a Sustaining member in Spring 2019.

Sustainers make ongoing financial gifts by card, bank transfer or check. You may already be a Sustainer! This is the easiest and most efficient way to support University UMC. Instead of making a total annual estimate, you can choose your installment schedule and the church will simply deduct your designated amount per chosen installment until you let us know that you want to stop or change it.

While we don’t have a coffee mug to give you and won’t be entering you into any drawings for a trip to Paris, you WILL be contacted less frequently and have the satisfaction of knowing that you/your family provides a faithful estimate for the financial planning that makes our ministries possible.

We still encourage you to fill out a Giving Estimate with your best estimate for giving to University UMC.

Of course! We welcome your gift at any time, with or without a Giving Estimate. If you would like your contribution applied to immediate needs, you need not do anything special. If you would like to make a pre-paid gift for the upcoming fiscal year, you can contact the church office.

We welcome your gift at any time, with or without a Giving Estimate, but estimates help us more wisely use the financial resources you provide. They enable the Finance Committee and our business staff to prepare more accurate forecasts and to make better spending decisions as we implement plans throughout the year.

A crucial distinction lies between gifts to our general fund and gifts to designated or restricted funds. Designated or restricted funds typically support shorter-term ministry efforts like choir tours and mission trips or special capital needs. The general fund is the foundation upon which all ministries stand and provides the financing needed for our staff and clergy and to operate and maintain our facilities. While both types of giving are important, only gifts to the general fund sustain the foundation of our church’s ministries and ensure our overall health.

No. You will get a Bridge Giving Estimate card with your giving statement via mail. You can also make your estimate at any time by going to

No. There will not be a 1-2-month period where we ask the entire church to make or update Estimates of Giving. As we transition to a fiscal year and a new stewardship program in 2019, we will contact households individually to have meaningful conversations about that household’s stewardship goals for the church. After that, we will contact households every 10-18 months to make sure giving estimates are up-to-date.

Stewardship Team will still be actively engaged with meeting the needs of the church budget. We understand that some families use the annual budget (and any percent increase) to calculate their household’s annual gift. Annual goals and percent increases will be available on the church website and in Stewardship communication pieces throughout the year.