2022 Virtual Mission Trip October 23 - 29

We are continuing to build relationship with Cristo Obrego Church in Buenos Aires and their feeding ministry for immigrants, Leche y Miel.

2021 Schedule:

October 24 – Kickoff session (virtual and in-person) – During this session we will be getting to know leaders from both churches.  Bishop Americo Jara Reyes, Pastor Daniel Fucili and  Pastor Justin Coleman will speak.  Later, the youth from each church will be playing some games together. 

October 25 – Self Guided Devotion – Children of God (download PDF)

October 26 – Self Guided Devotion – We’re Family (download PDF)

October 27 – Self Guided Devotion – Kingdom on Earth (download PDF)

October 28 – Children’s session (in-person only) – During this session the children from both church families will get a chance to get to know one another. We will share music together, special messages and close in prayer. 

October 29 – Self Guided Devotion – Daily Bread

October 30 – Small groups and close (virtual only) – During this session we will learn more about Argentina,  and Cristo Obrero Methodist Church.  We will finish by going into breakout groups to discuss the self-guided devotionals.