lay leadership

Empowering and Enabling Through Transition

In July 2018, after two years of thoughtful planning, University UMC transitioned to a new organizational leadership structure.  This new structure enables members to more effectively answer their own call to ministry.  Four Commissions now lead teams and committees in work areas, service and ministry, working in partnership with clergy and program staff. 

Church members are asked to consider how their passions, skills, and interests might interface with the opportunities at University UMC and are encouraged to participate in one of the ministry teams. For questions or more information, including how to get involved, contact Lay Leadership.

The new structure includes the following Four Commissions. Click the respective Commission for more information on Teams and Committees within that area.

Discipleship & Nurture Commission

  • Children’s Programs & Special Events Team
  • Children’s Spiritual Formation Team
  • Youth Team
  • Higher Ed/College Ministry Team
  • Young Adults Team
  • Senior Adults Team
  • Health Ministries Team
  • Spiritual Resource Center Team

Worship Commission

  • Worship Team
  • Music Team
  • Greeting Team

Outreach Commission

  • Missions Team
  • Hospitality Team
  • Evangelism Team

Administration Commission

Includes three subgroups:

  1. Church Council
  2. Discipline Committees (Four Committees)
  3. Teams (Five Teams)

The four Discipline Committees are:

  1. Finance
  2. Lay Leadership
  3. Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC)
  4. Trustees

The five Teams are:

  1. Trustee Investments Team
  2. Endowments & Special Gifts Team
  3. Stewardship Team
  4. Records & History Team
  5. Communications Team